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The Biggabed

Our OG product, The Biggabed! Transform the lousy Twin-XL in your room into your own luxurious Full-XL bed with 16” extra inches of width. The Biggabed helps you Sleep Betta so you can Dream Bigga! If you’re looking to drastically increase the quality of your college experience, make your dorm room your home away from home with The Biggabed.


The Biggabed package includes everything you need to make your bed Bigga. The only thing you’ll need to purchase separately is bedding (pillows, sheets, and blankets). But, you can buy Full-XL bedding from our partners at DormCo, check out the link on the Home page. 

Check out the Additional Info section for more information on the different types of toppers we provide. We know that comfort isn’t “one-type-fits-all” which is why we provide different options to help you get the best sleep for YOU

The Biggabed

  • This topper comes with a medium-plush and a medium-firm side, to provide two comfortable options! The medium-plush side is the perfect middle-ground for those who like a cloud-like mattress with moderate support, and it's our most popular selection! The medium-firm side provides a firmer and more supportive sleep, while still providing that layer of softness and comfort.

  • This highly plush topper is for those who like sinking into their soft, cozy bed. This is a luxury option for those who know that they enjoy a super soft, super comfy sleep!

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